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You will never forget these hidden views

  • just under our hotel a magnific courtyard is the entrance of “Santuario di Santa Caterina”, you have to visit it and if you find the nuns praying, click!
  • in “Via di Diacceto” close to the hotel, at the intersection with “Via della Galluzza” if you look up you can see few arches at the beginning of the downhill road.
  • Go to visit the “Chiesa dei Servi” and the streets around it, they will not disappoint you.
  • A walk in “Piazza del Mercato”, behind “Piazza del Campo”, a maagnific photo of “Palazzo Pubblico”from another perspective .
  • In “Cortile del Podestà” inside “Palazzo Pubblico” take a picture upside down : a framework.
  • Obviously you can’t miss a beautiful panoramic photo from “Torre del Mangia” , but only if you have the power to do about 400 steps!
  • The “Duomo” and the close “Battistero” they will set you up with the pink striations of the marble at the sunset ( to be seen in the white stairs the black cross where Santa Caterina fell and lost a tooth ).
  • The sources of “Fontebranda” described also in Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia, are an evocative place mostly at night with the noise of water flowing. From here you can go back to the Centre from “Via del Costone” and its beautiful view on the countryside.
  • “Provenzano”, so white and candid in the middle of Siena’s colored buildings is unic, if you are there on the July 2nd, during the Palio week, you can see the winner Contrada just after the race.