The city of Siena

Magical places and where to find them


Our everyday life, your discoveries

Siena is a small Medieval Town you can visit in one day or stay longer to discover its hidden places. Think about the Duomo, the Museum of Opera, the old hospital Santa Maria della Scala, the majesty of Basilica di San Domenico, the Pinacoteca Museum and our wonderful Piazza del Campo and its horse race Palio. These are all the suggestions that you can find in every blog, turist guide, web site etc..and of course you have to visit them once you are here.

When you arrive at pur hotel leave you lagguage and go to our panoramic terrace, relax, close your eyes and feel the spirit of the town ( much better at the sunset! )

So, now you can visit all the places written before but we hope that our suggestions can help you too :

For photographer and artists You will never forget these hidden views
  • just under our hotel a magnific courtyard is the entrance of “Santuario di Santa Caterina”, you have to visit it and if you find the nuns praying, click!
  • in “Via di Diacceto” close to the hotel, at the intersection with “Via della Galluzza” if you look up you can see few arches at the
For greedy Unic sweets, porfumes and tastes
  • in “Via di Città” in the historical “Drogheria Manganelli” taste the “ricciarelli”, the best almond biscuits of the town and buy a “Panforte” for afterdinner.
  • As all the people of Siena take a break with the “ciaccino” ( pizza with ham and mozzarella ) at “Pizzeria Poppi”
The eating pleasure Where we love eating

Between the little streets of Siena you can find a lot of places to eat, take a sandwich or a glass of wine…here you can find our favorites.
P.S. the restaurants in Siena are most of all small and they don’t have a lot of tables to sit so we suggest always to book in advance.

  • “Vinaio di Bobbe